Quality management

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Quality management

  • Thorough Product Inspection
  • Construction according to the drawing
  • Perfect aftercare

Quality management policy

  • A thorough
    internal evaluation

    By strengthening the quality assurance system, we secure a firm base quality and improve the quality first through an internal evaluation system.

  • Quality
    Management System

    In order to create future value for our customers, we have established and operated a quality management system at each stage of project implementation. We also regularly and systematically conduct quality education to thoroughly prevent errors.

  • Design Quality

    Through collaboration, standardization and transparency of design tasks are secured, and interfaces are managed efficiently through real-time monitoring of design outcomes. In addition, design review / verification by a group of experts creates the best design quality.

quality management

We are pursuing minimum quality defects by strengthening quality control, thorough worker training and quality inspection by establishing an on-site quality management system when opening the site. In addition, through advanced IT systems, we are carrying out transparent data management and efficient construction quality management.