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Company History

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09. Acquired new disaster prevention technology certification from Ministry of Public Administration and Security

08. Sejong City Local Government Hall

07. Received order for construction of Donghae Substation

07. Ordered exterior wall remodeling work of Yulyang Middle School in Cheongwon-gu, Cheongju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do

06. Received the construction order of Uijeongbu Veterans Hall

05. Won order for Korea Aerospace Research Institute

03. Received order for construction of HS Biz Tower


Completed the construction of the Korean Red Cross Gangwon branch .12

Ordered construction of Munmak Youth Culture House .09

Mokpo Book Remodeling .09

Patent application and registration .08

Won the order of Governor of the Korean Red Cross Gangwon Province .07

Establishment of research department .06

Received 5 contracts for jurisdiction of Chungbuk Provincial Police Agency .04

Venture company certification .04


08. Obtained intellectual property rights and test certification (patent, design and trademark registration, test report)

05. Registered manufacturing plant

02. Established manufacturing corporation


Held a new business declaration ceremony .12

Second application of construction of urban living houses .10

Establishment of a separate manufacturing corporation TF team .05


07. CEO Eul-Sung Lee won the grand prize of 'New Korean of the Year 2014'

03. Urban living house construction


Started mass production of product outsourcing .10

Expanded and reorganized the
product development TF 'New Business Promotion Team .03

Establishment of Management Innovation Plan .01


05. Improving product installation method

02. Self durability test (outdoor wall installation)


Operation of development-related TF team .06

Product improvement and self test .04


05.05. Patent application and registration


Basic technology design .10